La semaine du 24 au 28 avril 2017, les élèves de 4ème année sont partis en voyage culturel et linguistique. Après de longs mois d’attente, ils ont enfin pu découvrir un petit bout d’Angleterre.

Nous avons demandé à quelques élèves de 4E de nous raconter un moment du voyage qu’ils ont apprécié. Et voici ce qu’ils ont à nous dire… en anglais bien sûr.


On the first day, we arrived in Canterbury after a 90-minute journey from Dover, the place where we left the ferry. Then the teachers gave us some free time in the city; there were lots of things to do and to see.

First, we saw all the traditional houses, they were really beautiful, just like the river Stour, surrounded by colourful gardens full of flowers and trees.

Some students also did some shopping: they bought hand spinners or ate burgers; others just went for a walk and visited the city.

After spending two hours in Canterbury, we went back to the coach park and set off for Maidenhead, where our host families were waiting for us.

Mathéo P, Alexis VB & Martin G


On the second day we went to ‘The Making Of Harry Potter’, a museum about the Harry Potter films. In the hall, there were posters of the main characters of the saga like Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, the Weasleys, Draco Malfoy, etc. Before entering the magical universe of Harry Potter, we watched a short film about the story.


Inside the museum we saw a lot of settings from the films; they were all really impressive. There was a guide but if you wanted to visit the museum on your own, there were explanations in each room. It was also possible to get a picture of yourself enjoying a magical adventure like Quidditch or the train. Sometimes near the rooms there were small souvenir shops and at the end there was a huge one. And that is how this amazing adventure ended.

Léa G & Lucie G


On Wednesday we went to Oxford. Oxford is a big historical city with a lot of shops. But it is also well-known for its university, which consists of 38 colleges. The shops were expensive but quite cool. Most of them were traps for tourists, though: they sold things like sweatshirts with ‘Oxford’ on them. There was also a Starbucks café, multinationals like H&M, Primark, McDonalds. The big covered market was great: there were traditional shops like greengrocers’ shops, cake shops, a bakery, flower shops.


Then there was a treasure hunt in the city, which allowed us to see churches and the cathedral.


Later on we had a guided tour in the city.We saw a few colleges and visited one, Trinity College. The colleges welcome foreign students. To enter and stay there you must have good marks and pay at least £9,000 a year.

Trinity College was built in Oxford around 1592. We discovered how students study there, where they eat, sleep, relax and spend time with their friends. We saw that many colleges have many old libraries like the Radcliffe Camera. It was really interesting to see the surroundings of Trinity College.

In conclusion, Oxford is really attractive for tourists and interesting for people of all ages.

Louis D & Noa L, Armelle H & Léa C


On Thursday we visited the London Eye. This beautiful Ferris wheel is situated in the centre of London, on the South Bank of  the River Thames.


Before entering the London Eye, we listened to a man that was playing music in the street. We talked and laughed with him. He was really nice.

After a long time, we went through the doors of the plexiglass capsules. In one capsule there is enough room for 25 people. The wheel never stops so we had to run to enter our capsule.

At the top, we had a perfect view of London, especially of Westminster and Big Ben.


We had a great time for half an hour. All the students enjoyed seeing London this way. It was fun!

Nell O & Julia C


We had to be at the Shaftesbury theatre at 2.30 pm. So we left the London Eye and went to the Covent Garden Market on foot. The walk was very nice because we visited the city a bit. We had a little free time in and around the Market and then we went to the theatre. When we arrived on Shaftesbury Avenue we immediately saw the theatre. The entrance was gorgeous with black and gold colours. We didn’t have to wait for too long to enter the place, which is a good point.


The musical itself was a bit boring after a while because we weren’t allowed to sing or dance but the singers, the scenario and the settings were all really good.

Mickaël C & Nathan D


On the last day, we went back to London to visit the British Museum, where we saw lots of items from Ancient Greece, Ancient Egypt, Ancient Rome, Africa, Asia and the Middle Ages. To start, we had a look at North America, the Maya civilization and lots of statues like the totems of Indians. A lot of statues in Ancient Egypt, Rome and Greece were well conserved while others were damaged. In the medieval department we saw lots of armors, weapons and clocks.